Yuho Ishibashi 2017 86 Min


High school student Yuki’s peaceful life in a sleepy coastal town is rocked when her best friend Aya commits suicide. As friends since junior high, this unexpected event plunges Yuki into self-doubt about her life and the people around her. Her classmates respond in different ways, with Yuki becoming the … more

André Øvredal 2016 14 Min

Science Fiction, Short Film

“The Tunnel” is a science-fiction film taking place in an overpopulated future where we follow a small family in heavy traffic on their way back home from the beach. Between them and their gigantic home city there is a tunnel with a horrifying purpose. more

Raoul Peck 2016 93 Min

Current Affairs, Documentary, History

In 1979, James Baldwin wrote a letter to his literary agent describing his next project, Remember This House. The book was to be a revolutionary, personal account of the lives and successive assassinations of three of his close friends—Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. At the time … more

Jens Loftager 2018 81 Min

Documentary, Religion

Contrasting cultures on faith and personal identity: Danish confirmation students and Japanese Buddhists who reflect upon being members of the sect behind a terrorist attack in Tokyo, in a philosophical film about religious faith. more

Crime, Drama

While recovering from a car crash in which she lost her son, a woman is kidnapped by a stranger. Together with a mute orphan, they travel through deserted wastelands fighting their own demons. The trip comes to an end when they accomplish the ultimate act that will set them free … more


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