Film Still "Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-Pong Room and My Girlfriend"
Film Still "Five Wolves"
Film Still "Subito - Instant Photography"
Film Still "Prince Avalanche"
Film Still "Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-Pong Room and My Girlfriend" Film Still "Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-Pong Room and My Girlfriend"
Bernhard Wenger 2018 23 Min

Comedy, Short Film

A film about a couple on a wellness trip, where one partner disappears and the other isn't sure whether he's looking for her or himself. Within the bizarre world of the alpine wellness resort, Aron begins a new chapter in his life. more

Film Still "Five Wolves" Film Still "Five Wolves"
Kenji Misum 1974 158 Min

Historical Drama

Two friends - a Mugairyu swordsman, Toranosuke Sugi and one of the leading swordsmen in Edo, Hachiro Date – arrive in Kyoto that is shaken by the Ikedaya riot. Both men are swallowed by the big wave of events, where each of them is destined to his own fate. more

Film Still "Subito - Instant Photography" Film Still "Subito - Instant Photography"
Peter Volkart 2018 77 Min

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary, History

Polaroid – an invention bordering on magic! In 1947, ingenious inventor Edwin Land made the impossible possible: press, wait, ready! Polaroid revolutionised photography. After just a short wait, you're holding the snapshots in your hand. This jaunty camera has fascinated artists and photographers for over half a century and today, … more

Film Still "Prince Avalanche" Film Still "Prince Avalanche"


In the wake of a devastating forest wildfire that swept through Texas back in 1988, the thoughtful and disciplined Alvin, and his polar opposite but well-meaning brother-in-law, Lance, are hired to repair the scorched roads. However, against the backdrop of a summertime solitude in the ravaged land, little by little, … more

tildaswintontheinvisible_framecopyrightsandrokopp_filmgalerie_451_1 tildaswintontheinvisible_framecopyrightsandrokopp_filmgalerie_451_1
Cynthia Beatt 2009 60 Min

Documentary, History

In 1988, the British director Cynthia Beatt, who is based in Berlin, conceived a special cinematic bike tour. She selected a number of places along the 160 km long border where the young Tilda Swinton cycled along and thus apparently circled the island of West Berlin once. Today CYCLING THE … more


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