Uwe Greiner 2010 10 Min

Drama, Short Film

Oscar jumps on his subway as every day. But at that morning a side-glance wipes every ritual away...Catherine! Two unknown whose glimpses are coming across in the following weeks. Oscar knows that he would not show the courage to come in contact with her all the more after an embarrassing … more

Göran Olsson, Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén 2014 86 Min

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary

The great music revolutions of our times have come from Africa, and the next one is brewing there right now. Soon, our local music industries will be swamped with it. Afrobeats, Azonto, Kuduro and South African House are club music styles based on traditional rhythms, becoming a means of expressing … more

Antoine de Bary 2016 15 Min

Drama, Short Film

20-year-old Vincent is a successful actor. He is renowned among critics and much appreciated by the public. He is offered a role in the film of the year: a biopic about the young life of Charles de Gaulle. It is the beginning of a new life for him, a life … more

Peter Volkert 2018 77 Min

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary, History

Polaroid – an invention bordering on magic! In 1947, ingenious inventor Edwin Land made the impossible possible: press, wait, ready! Polaroid revolutionised photography. After just a short wait, you're holding the snapshots in your hand. This jaunty camera has fascinated artists and photographers for over half a century and today, … more

Linus de Paoli 2011 80 Min

Crime, Drama

Berlin's notorious Neukoelln district. The near future, a time in which the health system has collapsed. A man works in the shadows and without licence as a doctor. He treats people in the streets, stealing medicine from pharmacies. Forced to adopt the role of a shadow, an outlaw, he is … more


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