Film Still "Juck"
Nineteen Nineteen #3
Girl's Own Story #1
Film Still "In the Basement"
Film Still "Brand Irish"
Film Still "Juck" Film Still "Juck"

Art, Documentary, Short Film

Juck (literally Hump) is the dance group that made its breakthrough in a 2013 viral video, where they pushed the limits for how the female body is allowed to express itself and make a statement. Since then they have ›humped‹ all over the world. A film that swings between documentary, … more

Nineteen Nineteen #3 Nineteen Nineteen #3
Hugh Brody 1984 99 Min

Historical Drama, LGBTQ

A man and woman meet in Vienna in 1970 and together recall the events of 1919 when they were separate patients of Sigmund Freud. One was suicidal after a lesbian affair, the other unable to love except without sex. They discuss their memories of Freud and his analysis of their … more

Girl's Own Story #1 Girl's Own Story #1
Jane Campion 1983 26 Min

Drama, LGBTQ, Short Film

Story of schoolgirl adolescence in the 1960's. more

Film Still "In the Basement" Film Still "In the Basement"
Ulrich Seidl 2014 82 Min

Art, Documentary

People and their cellars are a very unique duo. The new film by Ulrich Seidl explores what people do in their cellars and in their spare time. Whether underground or behind heavy doors and steep stairs, they conceal the everyday life beyond - cellars are home to obsessions, brass bands … more

Film Still "Brand Irish" Film Still "Brand Irish"
Sara Gibbings 2016 162 Min

Cultures & Traditions, Current Affairs, Documentary

Why is it that St Patrick’s Day is the only national holiday that is celebrated in almost every country across the world? Why can Irish pubs be found from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe? It seems that nearly everybody on the planet has some sort of a connection to Ireland. It’s not … more


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