Film Still "The Summer of Sangaile"
Film Still "Earth Sutra"
Film Still "Bye"
Film Still "Saint Music"
Film Still "Doctor Rao"
Film Still "The Summer of Sangaile" Film Still "The Summer of Sangaile"

LGBTQ, Romance

17 year-old Sangaïlé, is fascinated by stunt planes. Afraid of heights, she has never dared to even enter in one of the cockpits. At a summer aeronautical show, nearby her parents’ lakeside villa, she meets Austé - a local girl of her age, who unlike Sangaïlé, lives her life to … more

Film Still "Earth Sutra" Film Still "Earth Sutra"

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary, History, Politics

What do you know about Tibet? 'Earth Sutra' the documentary that will change your vision of Tibet 55 years controlled by Chinese oppression. Dare to reflect on your relationship with the Earth, your relationship with the rest of human beings through Earth Sutra, a portrait of the survival in exile … more

Film Still "Bye" Film Still "Bye"


Drama, Short Film

A round dance of different young lovers at the station. Done in a single shot with almost constantly moving camera. more

Film Still "Saint Music" Film Still "Saint Music"
Dagmawi Zemed 2018 40 Min

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary

Saint Music is a documentary exploring Ethiopian music, its brief history and the challenges it faces. The film comprises of interviews of the country's music elite including Mr. Yilma Gebre Ab, Mr. Dawit Yifu, Betty G. and others as well as a brief overview of the prominent music school; Yared … more

Film Still "Doctor Rao" Film Still "Doctor Rao"

Experimental, Short Film

Doctor Rao has died. His family and friends accompany him on his last journey. Two horses lead the procession. The fires are lit and only at the end will all speed come to rest. A film consisting of 5975 photographs. more


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