BREAKING BARRIERS - The Casteless Collective

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`The Casteless Collective´ is a protest music band from Chennai, South India. Founded in December 2017, the 15-piece band is now playing an exciting mix of the folk music form of `Gaana´, an art coming from North Chennai‘s slum areas, and the modern musical styles of Rap and Rock. The driving beats of their songs come in a lyrical dress that gives exceptionally put in-your-face-truths about social issues that the Indian society usually prefers not to look at too closely. One among those issues is the still existing caste discrimination in India. The band deals with the oppressed social standing of women in Indian society, of LGBTQI+ people, and especially of the marginalized and underprivileged caste communities, represented by a large extent of the bandmembers themselves.
The film shows the young band’s powerful attempt to break cultural stigmas, and joins their journey towards an Indian future of casteless mentality and reality.

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Direction: Maja Meiners

Original Title: BREAKING BARRIERS - The Casteless Collective

Original Languages: English, Tamil

Subtitles: English

Film Production Countries: Germany, India


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