For Libraries

AVA is a streaming provider designed specifically for libraries. It aims to provide library users throughout Europe with access to European and international arthouse cinema from the comfort of their own homes.

AVA cooperates with a number of renowned European film festivals to provide short films and documentaries which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to find on other VOD services. The offer is supplemented by a selection of feature films from various European distributors.


AVA follows a modular approach, where you can mix and match our different content and service packages to best meet the specific needs of your institution.


Each AVA platform is set up individually. You can choose between a variety of authentication methods, create your own URL and add a personal branding of your institution.


Our main package offers a carefully curated selection of art house and festival films of all types and genres. Depending on your region “AVA Library” contains between 200 and 500 films.


Depending on the profile of your institution, the main package can be supplemented by further curated collections. You can choose between our tailored film packages with formal (e.g. music documentaries), regional (e.g. Latin American films) or content-related focus (e.g. films on migration).


We offer a variety of additional services, e.g. the translation of the interface into further languages, uploading your own content on your AVA platform or the acquisition of individual films by AVA “on demand”.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. For more information visit our website.


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