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Girl's Own Story #1

A Girl's Own Story

Jane Campion 1983 26 Min
Story of schoolgirl adolescence in the 1960's.
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Julian Cole 1987 26 Min
Reconstruction of the events leading to the murder of Pier …
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Christopher Newby 1991 22 Min
Sympathetic account of the ten days elapsing between a young …
Film Still "We will survive"

We will survive

Nele Dehnenkamp 2018 29 Min
Elderly residents of the LGBT-friendly Julie-Roger-Haus in Frankfurt enjoy visits …
Film Still "Three Centimetres"

Three Centimetres

Lara Zeidan 2018 9 Min
Four Lebanese girls go on a Ferris wheel ride to …
Film Still "Slowdance"


Christian Zetterberg 2018 6 Min
A shy boy at a middle-school dance tackles the new …
Film Still "Darío"


Manuel Kinzer, Jorge A. Trujillo Gil 2018 15 Min
Darío, a 17-year-old boy from Barranquilla, Colombia has a passion …
Film Still "Get Ripped"

Get Ripped

Leonardo Van Dijl 2013 14 Min
Although 20-year-old Niko meets his personal trainer daily at the …
Film Still "Juan of the Witches"

Juan of the Witches

Andrew Houchens 2019 18 Min
Juan of the Witches honors 82-year-old Juan Medellín's legacy as …
Film Still "Paradigma"


Valentino R. Sandoli 2016 19 Min
Innocence, sex and lust converge to tell the story of …
Film Still "Stretch"


Jay Bedwani 2018 12 Min
Sebastién is a gay acrobat living for the thrill of …
Film Still "Sparkling Candles"

Sparkling Candles

Thanasis Neofotistos 2019 10 Min
A young guy, listening to "Power Of Love" on repeat, …
Film Still "Siemiany"


Philip James McGoldrick 2009 19 Min
Andrzej and Michal are two young teenagers who come together …
Film Still "Ballad of Reading Gaol"

Ballad of Reading Gaol

Richard Kwietniowski 1988 12 Min
Despite the title, Richard Kwietniowski’s “Ballad of Reading Gaol” focuses …
Film Still "What Can I Do with a Male Nude?"

What Can I Do with a Male Nude?

Ron Peck 1985 24 Min
The problems of showing the naked male body in all …
Film Still "Lay of the Land"

Lay of the Land

Fraser Macdonald 1998 13 Min
Dark and chilling encounter in a smoky bar between John, …
Film Still "Flames of Passion (A Seven Day Pass)"

Flames of Passion (A Seven Day Pass)

Richard Kwietniowski 1989 17 Min
Set on a steam-shrouded railway station and shot in high-contrast …
Film Still "Alfalfa"


Richard Kwietniowski 1987 8 Min
From the director of “Love and Death on Long Island” …
Film Still "Storkow Kalifornia"

Storkow Kalifornia

Kolja Malik 2017 28 Min
Storkow. Sunny (25) and his mother Nena (50) live as …
Film Still "Parmi les sirènes"

Parmi les sirènes

Marie Jardillier 2016 12 Min
It is decided. Marion, a 30 years old girl, gonna …
Film Still "Goût bacon"

Goût bacon

Emma Benestan 2016 13 Min
After a rumour started by an ambiguous Snapchat message, two …
Film Still "Ce n'est pas un film de cow-boys"

Ce n'est pas un film de cow-boys

Benjamin Parent 2012 12 Min
Brokeback Mountain was aired on TV last night. Inside the …

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