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The Cure

Charlie Chaplin 1917 24 Min
Charlie, a real lout, has come for a spa treatment, …

The Adventurer

Charlie Chaplin 1917 25 Min
Charlie has just escaped from prison and saves a mother …

The Fireman

Charlie Chaplin 1916 25 Min
Charlie, a mediocre fireman, is won over by the flames …

The Floorwalker

Charlie Chaplin 1916 28 Min
Entering a department store penniless, Charlie discovers his double in …

The Immigrant

Charlie Chaplin 1917 24 Min
As an emigrant to the United States, Charlie meets two …

The rink

Charlie Chaplin 1916 24 Min
Charlie, a restaurant waiter, has only one passion: skating. And …

The Vagabond

Charlie Chaplin 1916 26 Min
Charlie is a vagabond violinist who makes a living from …
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One A. M.

Charlie Chaplin 1916 27 Min
An incredible acting performance, inspired by the music-hall number "The …

By the Sea

Charlie Chaplin 1915 14 Min
On a very windy day at the beach, Charlie walks …

Opening Speech

Norman McLaren 1961 7 Min
An animated film showing McLaren trying to welcome the audience …

A House Divided

Alice Guy Blaché 1913 14 Min
A married couple decide to live separately together.
Film Still "You, the Living"

You, the Living

Roy Andersson 2007 86 Min
In the Swedish city of Lethe, people from different walks …
Film Still "Grand Hotel"

Grand Hotel

Arild Fröhlich 2016 95 Min
An alcoholic and a boy with Tourette's syndrome are forced …

Music and Apocalypse

Max Linz 2019 80 Min
The Institute for Cybernetics and Simulation Research is threatened with …

The Ceiling

Teppo Airaksinen 2017 14 Min
In the midst of divorce, Olavi retreats to his summer …


Sophie Kargman 2020 9 Min
Over the course of a day, Jay and Alex, roommates …
Pink Grapefruit- web1

Pink Grapefruit

Michael Mohan 2015 10 Min
A young married couple invites two of their single friends …

Dead Hearts

Stephen W. Martin 2012 17 Min
A young mortician learns that not even death can stand …
Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons"

Love and 50 Megatons

Cornelius Schick 2019 41 Min
In a fictitious world, a wall goes through a country …
Film Still "Telecommander"


Erik Schmitt 2014 5 Min
Volker Henk has been working for the local city authorities …
Film Still "Pact"


Scott Patterson 1996 10 Min
A couple attempts several unsuccesfull suicides: death pills, guns and …
Film Still "The Soul of Business"

The Soul of Business

José Roberto 1996 8 Min
A modern couple from a typical advertisement: young, attractive, and …
Film Still "Border Patrol"

Border Patrol

Peter Baumann 2013 15 Min
Carl and Franz are ready to get off work and …
Film Still "The Coffin Salesman"

The Coffin Salesman

Imoh Umoren 2019 72 Min
The Coffin Salesman is a black comedy/satire that holds up …
Film Still "Handsome Devil"

Handsome Devil

John Butler 2016 95 Min
This is the story of the unlikely friendship of boarding …
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