You, the Living

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In the Swedish city of Lethe, people from different walks of life take part in a series of short, deadpan vignettes that rush past. Some are just seconds long, none longer than a couple of minutes. A young woman (Jessica Lundberg) remembers a fantasy honeymoon with a rock guitarist. A man awakes from a dream about bomber planes. A businessman boasts about success while being robbed by a pickpocket and so on. The absurdist collection is accompanied by Dixieland jazz and similar music.

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Direction: Roy Andersson

Script: Roy Andersson

Cast: Håkan Angser, Eric Bäckman, Patrik Anders Edgren, Björn Englund, Lennart Eriksson

Original Title: Du Levande

Original Language: Swedish

Subtitles: German

Film Production Countries: Germany, Sweden


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