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Film Still "Welcome to Sodom"

Welcome to Sodom

Florian Weigensamer, Christian Krönes 2018 90 Min
Agbogloshi, Accra is the largest electronic waste dump in the …

So Weit - Ein Fahrrad, eine Gitarre und 1400 km Neuanfang

Till Seifert 2021 75 Min
A crazy idea turns into a crazy, life-changing experience, which …
1_Kilimandscharo copy

Mein Vater, mein Sohn und der Kilimandscharo

Aaron Moser 2021 88 Min
It is the story of father and son fighting their …

Hotspot - Iceland Between Mass Tourism and Loneliness

Tom Köhn, Carlos Viering 2021 89 Min
Iceland benefits greatly from tourism. The island nation became famous …

Born for Korn

Rainer Heesch, Niclas R. Middleton, Elmar Szücs 2019 78 Min
A fifth-generation family-run farm in the north of Schleswig-Holstein is …


Just Philippot 2017 18 Min
A disturbing cloud took shape somewhere on the West. He …

Planet ∑

Momoko Seto 2014 12 Min
In Planet Sigma, giant creatures are trapped inside the ice. …

Shade Grown Coffee

Alexander Kinnunen 2020 76 Min
SHADE GROWN COFFEE is the inspiring story about how growing …
Film Still "Carretera Austral - Vorstoß ins Herz Patagoniens"

Carretera Austral - Vorstoß ins Herz Patagoniens

Malte Schumacher, Johannes Preuss 2017 50 Min
Chile’s Route 7 or Carretera Austral is an expression of …
Film Still "Le Ciel, la Terre et L'Homme"

Le Ciel, la Terre et L'Homme

Caroline Reucker 2018 70 Min
„LE CIEL, LA TERRE ET L’HOMME“ tries to get hold …
Film Still "Die Wismut"

Die Wismut

Volker Koepp 1993 110 Min
In 1946, the Soviet occupying force founded the mining company …
Film Still "Seestück"


Volker Koepp 2018 135 Min
With SEESTÜCK, Volker Koepp concludes a series of documentaries that …
Film Still "Piece of Land"

Piece of Land

Volker Koepp 2016 122 Min
Idyllic landscape shots and conversations with local inhabitants convey the …
AVA Fallback Film Still

Among Wolves

Shawn Convey 2016 95 Min
The Wolves are no ordinary biker club as revealed in …
Film Still "Utopia Revisited"

Utopia Revisited

Kurt Langbein 2018 91 Min
Regional, fresh and organic food for 1,5 million people; smart …
Film Still "Out of Fashion"

Out of Fashion

Jaak Kilmi, Lennart Laberenz 2015 58 Min
We live in an era of global consumption where the …
Film Still "Big North"

Big North

Dario Acocella 2019 80 Min
"Big North" is a Feature Documentary, a journey of an …
Film Still "Who Farted"

Who Farted

Albert Nerenberg, Nik Sheehan 2019 78 Min
Writers and directors Albert Nerenberg & Nik Sheehan’s documentary film …
Film Still "ArtQuake. Art is Fragile. Art is Alive."

ArtQuake. Art is Fragile. Art is Alive.

Andrea Calderone 2017 62 Min
The condition of Italy is unique in the world: it …
Film Still "Emptying the Skies"

Emptying the Skies

Douglas Kass, Roger Kass 2013 130 Min
Based on an essay written by noted best-selling novelist Jonathan …
Film Still "Feral"


Jiří Holba 2018 72 Min
Charlie Soukup is a Czech underground songwriter and Charter 77 …
Film Still "Bugs"


Andreas Johnsen 2016 73 Min
A Gastronomic Adventure with Nordic Food Lab by Andreas Johnsen. …
Film Still "Sea Tomorrow"

Sea Tomorrow

Katerina Suvorova 2016 88 Min
The extinction of the Aral Sea is one of the …
Film Still "Metamorphosen"


Sebastian Mez 2012 84 Min
Settled somewhere in nowhere in the south ural region in …
Film Still "Zorn dem Volke"

Zorn dem Volke

Lorenz Piehl 2017 15 Min
One face, one border and the suffering in between. While …
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