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Film Still "The Pearl Button"

The Pearl Button

Patricio Guzmán 2015 82 Min
The ocean contains the history of all humanity. The sea …
Film Still "Zurich"


Sacha Polak 2015 90 Min
For 10 years, Nina and Boris were a couple. Then …
Film Still "Then Is It the End?"

Then Is It the End?

Dominik Graf 2015 120 Min
Critic Michael Althen knew how to motivate a passionate dialogue …
Film Still "Heavenly Nomadic"

Heavenly Nomadic

Mirlan Abdykalykov 2015 78 Min
A family of nomads live in the high, remote mountains …
Film Still "Rams"


Grímur Hákonarson 2015 93 Min
In a secluded valley in Iceland, Gummi and Kiddi live …
Film Still "We Will Stay In Touch About It"

We Will Stay In Touch About It

Jan Zabeil 2015 8 Min
A man drives through a deserted landscape. Suddenly his car …
Film Still "Pastrami"


Richard Böhringer 2015 7 Min
Hearing the rocket sirens, an Israeli family stops their car …
Film Still "The Dynamic Double Standard"

The Dynamic Double Standard

Luke Patton 2015 4 Min
Zoey's first night as a superhero is nearly ruined when …
Film Still "Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness"

Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness

Miia Tervo 2015 9 Min
A weekend father wants to show his teenage daughter his …
Film Still "Wider Horizons"

Wider Horizons

Falk Schuster 2015 29 Min
Its the summer of 1987 and a young family from …
Film Still "0068 Sniper`s Nest"

0068 Sniper`s Nest

Radu Barbulescu 2015 20 Min
A sniper is planted inside a top floor apartment to …
Film Still "Digitale Dissidenten"

Digitale Dissidenten

Cyril Tuschi 2015 88 Min
Whistle-blowers David Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, William Binney, Julian …
Film Still "Lamb"


Yared Zeleke 2015 90 Min
When Ephraim, an Ethiopian boy, is sent from his homeland …
Film Still "Fassbinder"


Annekatrin Hendel 2015 92 Min
Rainer Werner Fassbinder was the ‘Enfant Terrible’ of German cinema …
Film Still "Foto: Ostkreuz"

Foto: Ostkreuz

Maik Reichert 2015 89 Min
With the collapse of the Eastern bloc, the photo agency …
Film Still "Heart of a Dog"

Heart of a Dog

Laurie Anderson 2015 75 Min
Laurie Anderson interweaves childhood memories, video diaries, philosophical thoughts on …
Film Still "Janis. Little Girl Blue"

Janis. Little Girl Blue

Amy J. Berg 2015 99 Min
Archival footage and interviews highlight the life and career of …
Film Still "The Fencer"

The Fencer

Klaus Härö 2015 90 Min
Fleeing from the Russian secret police because of his controversial …
Film Still "Wednesday 4:45"

Wednesday 4:45

Alexis Alexiou 2015 111 Min
Stelios is the owner of a Jazz Club in Athens. …
Film Still "Much Loved"

Much Loved

Nabil Ayouch 2015 104 Min
Noha, Randa, Soukaina, Hlima - just some of the women …
Film Still "Passion for Planet"

Passion for Planet

Werner Schuessler 2015 97 Min
A journey around the globe together with the world's best …
Film Still "Don't Look at Me That Way"

Don't Look at Me That Way

Uisenma Borchu 2015 88 Min
Hedi is the new neighbor of Iva, who raises her …
Film Still "Tangerine"


Sean Baker 2015 87 Min
After hearing that her boyfriend/pimp cheated on her while she …
Film Still "Terminally Happy"

Terminally Happy

Adina Istrate 2015 14 Min
In order to remember, you first need to forget. Through …
Film Still "What happens in your brain if you see a German word like ...?"

What happens in your brain if you see a German word like ...?

Zora Rux 2015 5 Min
Compared to other language, German has very long words. This …
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