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Jesús and Cem meet one winter on the German North Sea island of Sylt. One is an oddball who ended up here by chance, the other a by-the-book son of Turkish immigrants. Both decide to give their affair a go and shut out the world by holing up in Cem’s small apartment. They decide on rules for their relationships and are both constantly breaking them. They lose control while at the same time holding on to one another. Unfortunately, one loves more than the other. In their search for their place in life, both young men must learn that sometimes you have to put yourself first.

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Direction: Tim Staffel

Script: Tim Staffel

Cast: Wolfram Schorlemmer, Burak Yigit, Tamer Arslan

Original Title: Westerland

Original Language: German

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Country: Germany


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