Mother of the Groom

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After leaving home several years ago, Higa Eiichi (Akira Ota) and Ito Shiori (Moeko Fukuda), both now living in Tokyo, announce their marriage and return to Okinawa. Their return just so happened to be in the middle of ‘the Bon Period’ in Okinawa. Upon returning to the family home, Eiichi finds his father has passed away and his mother, Chikako (Yayoi) and grandmother, Kamado (Taeko Yoshida), are less than pleased with the marriage declaring that it is ‘None of their business. He can do whatever he wants’. However, the couple who desperately want their marriage accepted and blessed are given conditions by Chikako. Shiori must clear the high hurdle of helping with‘Ukui’an Okinawa traditional event of which she knows nothing about.
Ukui: A ceremony that welcomes back and the sees off the ancestors of each household on 13th-16th of July of the lunar calendar.

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Direction: Tsukasa Kishimoto

Script: Kanae Kochi, Tsukasa Kishimoto

Cast: Akira Ota, Moeko Fukuda, Yayoi, Taeko Yoshida

Original Title: ニービチの条件

Original Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Japan


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