Samurai Gold Seekers

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In October of the 4th year of Ansei, a ronin named Gennosuke Hiraki comes to the Iitomi Inn. He judges that he could overturn the clan's argument for reforming the domain administration by promoting human resources, and kills the castle retainer, Yamaoka Kemono. However, this was a ruse by the second in command, Yorimo Hoshino. Moreover, Hiraki is pursued by Misa Yamaoka, the daughter of the governor, and her husband, Daizaburo Torio, as well as Katori Gundayu, a master swordsman, on Hoshino's orders. With the help of Toragoro, their leader, the pursuers are looking for Hiraki in an attempt to take revenge.

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Direction: Hideo Gosya

Script: Eizaburo Shiba, Hideo Gosya

Production: Shochiku

Cast: Hirajiro Miki, Go Kato, Shima Iwashita, Toshie Kimura, Kunie Tanaka

Original Title: 獣の剣

Original Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Japan


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