Hollywood in the Heathlands

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Forgotten and weathered today, three studio halls lie in the green nowhere - these are the remains of "Hollywood in the heath" on the outskirts of Lower Saxony. After the Second World War, the small village of Bendestorf in the Nordheide was overflowed with people.

From 1947 on, famous actors mingled with the many refugees and villagers. Bendestorf became a film stronghold and was mentioned among other major studios in Germany: Berlin, Munich, Cologne - and Bendestorf!

Hollywood in the Heath - this is not only a nostalgic review of the early films of the young Federal Republic. It is a look at a post-war society that was trying to get back on its feet and reposition itself morally. A society between failures, traumas and the desire for a new beginning.

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Direction: Susanne Brahms

Original Title: Hollywood in der Heide

Original Language: German

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Country: Germany


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